What Determines Whether an Internet Child Pornography Case Will Be at the Federal Level or the State Level?

San Antonio Child Pornography Lawyer

Interviewer: How does a case end up either state of federal?

Previously, a Branch of the FBI Was Devoted to Investigating Internet Child Pornography Cases

Attorney Churak: They used to be all federal but I guess with the budget cuts and the

FBI devoting the resources to other areas, some investigations are conducted through the state.

Previously, they had a whole branch in the FBI that was doing nothing but working on child pornography internet crime. There was a news reporter in San Antonio that got caught with child pornography and he put a gun to his head.

I unfortunately had a client who was a high ranking military officer who got caught with child pornography. He also put a gun to his head. It’s scary out there. A lot of these people have a sex addiction and they have mental issues but they don’t seek treatment.

Can Adult Pornography on the Internet Also Contain Images of Child Pornography?

Interviewer: I don’t even know how many pornography sites are on the Internet. Should people worry if they’re just looking at regular pornography that it could be child pornography?

Attorney Churak: You always wonder about that but most of it is not. To find child pornography, you have to actively look for child pornography. This is because most of these sites on the web are not child pornography sites because it’s too open. They’d have been shut down the minute they put them up there. It’s something you’ve got to search on the web and know where you’re looking
for it.