San Antonio Criminal Lawyer Client Testimonials

“I was great to have met Gary Churak, PC. I was going through a situation with my neighbor where she was claiming I sexually assaulted her. I when to the Law Offices of Gary Churak and he explained to me the pros and cons of what could happen. With the information he provided I knew this was not going to stand with the Detective on the case because I knew I was innocent. Gary and I met with the detective on the case and she closed out the case and it did not go any further. Thank You Gary for your service and time you took on my case.” – Michael D.

“Mr. Churak has handled a number of items for me over the past five + years and has always been very efficient and professional. I recommend his law firm often and continue to use him in my business and personally.” Scott G.

“Gary Churak represented me in an Assault involving family case. I was currently training in the army and had to juggle time to visit with Gary and make important court dates. While deployed in Iraq, I missed three very important hearings, but Gary was able to plead with the judge to not place a warrant on me because of my military involvement. Once out of the army, I had a warrant placed on me and was very scared of being taken to jail. Gary was able to get me a PR bond, and ultimately got both of my misdemeanor charges dismissed. Gary, I cannot thank you enough.” – Geoff W.

“I have never been in any kind of law trouble before and was very nervous about what to expect and how to handle things. Gary was very up front with my options and help me make decisions that worked best for me and my family. Will recommend for friends and further use if needed.” – Brian.

“If your ever in a bind Gary got your back. What he says he can do he will do. Gary Churak was excellent handling my cases. He took my situation and ran with it. The way he works in the court room shows his experience. He does this every day and is very familiar with the judges and staff. I felt like a superstar in court. A plus! I recommend Gary for any DUI or DWI issues. Feels great to have a clean record again and it didn’t take long and not too costly compared to the fines I was facing. Great job!” – Todd.

“Mr. Churak is most definitely the strongest advocate one can have in the court room with you. Thank you again Mr. Churak for defending me and getting my case dismissed.” – Sherri.

“Excellent counsel, beyond reproach. A dynamic and resourceful attorney, I am honored to be his client.” – Joseph B.

“I have had my share of matters with the law and Attorney Gary Churak has worked magic in keeping me out of jail and on the street so I can support my family.” – R.H. San Antonio, Texas.

“I was charged with four misdemeanors including DWI and two felonies, Including child endangerment, Mr. Churak was able to get three misdemeanors and the child endangerment dismissed.” – B.A San Antonio Texas.

“I was charged with a serious offense that had me looking at a significant prison sentence. The case was life altering for me if I was convicted. Mr. Churak tried the case to a jury and I was found not guilty. He was also able to get the arrest and case expunged from my record.” – S.S. Universal City, Texas.

“Gary did an outstanding job representing myself, his expertise and knowledge of the legal system led to a very positive outcome in my particular case. His understanding of the local District Attorney’s methods and practices could only be obtained by his breadth of experience working within the Bexar county court system. Job very well done, highly recommended.” – Jim.

“I have known and utilized Mr. Churak on a number of cases privately as well as in my business. His knowledge of applicable law and his professionalism are simply outstanding.” – Scott G.