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A San Antonio, TX Sex Crimes Attorney

Protecting Your Rights and Reputation When You are Charged with a Sex Offense.

When you face charges for a sex crime, the only way to protect your rights and your reputation is to seek the assistance of a qualified attorney as soon as you are charged.

At the Law Offices of Gary Churak, P.C., Attorney Churak represents clients accused of rape, sexual assault and Internet sex crimes, among other crimes.

With more than 30 years of experience, Mr. Churak has the legal skills you can trust to earn a positive outcome for you.

"He meticulously pores over all of the evidence in your case to craft a solid, persuasive defense to bring to the courtroom."

High-quality Defense from Rape Allegations in Texas

Courts consider rape to be any non-consensual sexual activity.

As your San Antonio rape attorney, Mr. Churak fights for you in court to ensure that the prosecution does not get away with circumstantial evidence or emotional appeals against you to secure a conviction.

Gary Churak Provides Trusted Counsel When You Face Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault refers to a range of sex crimes, including attempted rape, inappropriate touching, penetration, and child molestation.

San Antonio sexual assault attorney Gary Churak seeks to prove that the allegations against you are false and that the prosecution attempted to cover up evidence of extortion, child custody disputes or the presence of consent.

Criminal Defense During an Internet Sex Crime Investigations

Internet and technological sex crimes, such as Internet solicitation, child pornography and sexting are generally classified as felonies, meaning you may face significant penalties if convicted.

Attorney Churak uses a variety of proven defense tactics to protect your reputation and maintain your freedom.

Get the benefits of working with a San Antonio sex defense attorney.

Sex crime cases can become complicated very quickly, so the services of a skilled attorney are necessary to achieve a positive result.

Some of the benefits of working with Mr. Churak include:

Experienced Sex Crimes Defense

Mr. Churak uses 30 plus years of experience to provide you the best possible representation.

Peace of Mind Your Rights are being Protected

Attorney Churak’s reputation for comprehensive service and his significant courtroom experience ensure you’re in the best possible hands throughout the legal process.

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