An Experienced San Antonio Rape Attorney Defends You Against Serious Charges

Providing a high-quality defense

Courts take sex crimes extremely seriously, which is why rape convictions come with very harsh penalties. When you face rape charges, it is important that you contact an experienced sex crimes attorney immediately. At the Law Offices of Gary Churak. P.C., San Antonio rape defense attorney Churak fulfills your right to a fair trial and works determinedly to find evidence to aid in your case. Mr. Churak has more than 30 years of legal experience, giving him the knowledge and reputation necessary to work within the system and use defense tactics that are proven to be of assistance during these cases.

Rape cases have various defense methods available

The legal definition of rape is any non-consensual sexual activity. Rape includes acts forced upon another person by means of violence, menace, fear of injury or any other means of coercion. The victim can be conscious or unconscious.

There are a variety of complexities surrounding rape cases, which make it necessary to work with a San Antonio sex crimes attorney to protect your rights. Anyone accused of rape is instantly subject to public scorn and media attention, even if the accusations are false. Courts are also likely to be biased against people accused of rape, handing down tough sentences. Those convicted face imprisonment, mandatory registration as a sex offender, court-ordered rehab and heavy fines. The likelihood you would receive such a sentence depends on a variety of factors: Prior convictions, parole or probation, and the media attention your case receives.

A sexual assault attorney in San Antonio minimizes your penalties or fights for a case dismissal by exploring various defense strategies. Those strategies may examine the following:

  • Proof of consent. When consent is present, there are no grounds for a rape conviction. Mr. Churak argues that the sexual activities in question were consensual.
  • Lack of evidence. The burden of proof is on your accuser. If the prosecution cannot provide sufficient evidence of your guilt, Attorney Churak fights to have your case thrown out of court.
  • Mistaken identity. In some rape cases, the victim may have proof of rape, but not of the identity of the rapist. Mr. Churak argues that there is no evidence to support the charges against you.

Contact a sex defense attorney in San Antonio to discuss your case

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