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Theft Defense Law Firm Somerset, TX

Theft Defense Law Firm Somerset, TX - Gary Churak has successfully defended clients for over 34 years. Free consultation (210) 545-3850 - Criminal Defense Attorney San Antonio

Theft Defense Law Firm Somerset, TX

When facing theft charges in Somerset, TX that can destroy your life, both personally and professionally you need a theft defense law firm experienced in theft cases in the Somerset, TX area courts.When you are charged for any theft offense, it is important that you immediately contact Gary Churak of the Law Offices of Gary Churak, P.C. He has more than 30 years of legal experience in defending Somerset, TX residents in theft criminal proceedings. His hard-nosed litigation style gives you a much greater chance of success in your theft case in the Somerset, TX area court system. His hands-on approach to dealing with clients facing theft charges keeps you informed about your progress every step of the way. If you’re accused of a theft offense in Somerset, TX Mr. Churak can help.

Why Do I Practice as a Theft Defense Lawyer in Somerset, TX?

I focus on theft defense for several reasons. Primarily, if you've been arrested and charged for a theft offense and you have a lot on the line and are not familiar with the criminal defense laws regarding theft charges in and around Somerset, TX you need a aggressive criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.The second reason you need to be aware of the law specific to theft case, and you will need a attorney well versed in defending your theft case.

Why I'm the Best Choice to Defend Your Theft Case

  1. Years of Experience in the Courts of Central and South Texas including Somerset, TX
  2. A Solo Practitioner Throughout Legal Career Experienced in Theft Defense
  3. Licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas to Practice in All Courts of the State of Texas
  4. 100% Involved in Your Theft Case (no junior associates or paralegals)
  5. Proven Results Defending Theft Charges
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