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Domestic violence, also called Family violence is a serious matter and if you are charged with that offense you need experienced legal representation to protect your rights.

San Antonio attorney, Gary F. Churak has represented individuals charge with Domestic or Family violence for over 30 years.

If you are charged and convicted of Domestic or Family violence you not only have a conviction on your criminal record but under Federal Law you will be denied the ability to own a gun or purchase ammunition.

If you are in possession of a gun or ammunition after a domestic or family violence conviction you can be charged with a federal crime that carries significant prison time.

"Most Domestic or Family violence cases are Class A misdemeanors that carry up to a year in jail."

Further if there is a finding of family you can be denied the right to have primary custody of your children should you be involved in a Divorce or Child Custody case.

Additionally, often in such cases a plea bargain is offered for deferred adjudication probation.

You are told that you will not have a conviction on your record and if you do everything you are required to do the case will be dismissed.

As good sound as that sounds to get the case over with, be advised, that while on probation you cannot have a gun or ammunition.

You will also incur fines, court costs and fees for anger management classes that can run into the thousands of dollars.

You will also have the case on your record for the rest of your life as these cases cannot be sealed with a Non-Disclosure Petition.

Most Domestic or Family violence cases are Class A misdemeanors that carry up to a year in jail.  

However, if it is alleged that you choked the individual or have a prior similar you are looking at a felony with up to 10 years in prison.

If you are charged with a Domestic or Family violence case contact the Law Offices of Gary F. Churak and speak to a criminal defense attorney with 30 plus years of experience in representing individuals in similar cases.

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