A San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving People Charged with DUI and Violent Offenses

Professional attention for Drug cases in San Antonio

Criminal charges can destroy your life, both personally and professionally. Therefore, when you face charges for any criminal offense, it is important that you immediately contact a professional criminal defense attorney. Mr. Burchard has more than 30 years of legal experience in defending San Antonio-area residents in criminal proceedings. His hard-nosed litigation style gives you a much greater chance of success in your case, and his hands-on approach to dealing with clients keeps you informed about your progress every step of the way. If you’re accused of committing a crime in San Antonio, Mr. Burchard can help.

Legal assistance in a wide range of criminal cases

San Antonio criminal attorney Gary Churak represents clients in wide range of criminal cases:

  • DUI and DWI. Obtain DUI defense from Attorney Burchard to avoid license suspensions and revocations as well as jail time.
  • Drug crimes. When charged with drug possession, manufacturing or distribution, work with a San Antonio drug possession attorney to get your case dismissed or minimize the penalties.
  • Juvenile crimes. When your child faces charges for a juvenile crime, Mr. Burchard seeks alternatives to sentencing, such as community service and restorative justice programs.
  • Sex crimes. As your San Antonio sexual assault lawyer, Mr. Burchard defends you from false rape allegations, sexual assault charges and Internet sex crimes.
  • Violent crimes. A San Antonio assault and battery defense attorney protects your rights and upholds your reputation after domestic violence or assault accusations.
  • Theft. Mr. Burchard represents people charged with theft, burglary, robbery, embezzlement and related offenses.
  • Expunctions. Our firm secures expunctions to clear your record, making it easier to pass criminal background checks for employment, student loans or military service.
  • Appeals. If you believe certain factors unfairly affected the outcome of your trial, Mr. Burchard guides you through the appeals process.

Working with a San Antonio DWI manslaughter attorney helps you get results

Mr. Burchard treats all criminal cases with the seriousness and dedication they deserve. In some cases, he works toward the following goals:

  • Invalidated procedures. When law enforcement officials make arrests, they must follow strict procedures for evidence to be valid. Attorney Burchard demonstrates that there were illegal searches or invalid warrants to disqualify improperly collected evidence.
  • Acquittal. Mr. Burchard works diligently to collect evidence on your behalf to secure a not guilty verdict and clear your name.
  • Minimized penalties. When a case dismissal is not possible, Mr. Burchard argues your case to ensure you receive the lightest possible penalties.