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Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Antonio, TX - Gary Churak

Your Freedom is Important to You and Us as Well.

Criminal Charges Can Destroy Your Life, Both Personally and Professionally.

Your Freedom is Important to You and Us as Well.

His hard-nosed litigation style gives you a much greater chance of success in your case

Your Freedom is Important to You and Us as Well.

Gary Churak, Criminal Defense Attorney in San Antonio has successfully defended clients for over 34 years charged with crimes ranging from misdemeanors to Felonies. Free criminal defense consultation call Gary Churak at (210) 545-3850 - Criminal Defense Attorney in San Antonio, TX.

A San Antonio Criminal Defense Law Firm Serving People Charged with DUI, Misdemeanor, Felony, and other Criminal Charges.

Founded in 1982, the Law Offices of Gary Churak, P.C. features the criminal defense services of Attorney Gary Churak, a dedicated litigator with a reputation for success.

Mr. Churak represents those accused of or charged with a criminal offense in Texas.

Criminal charges can destroy your life, both personally and professionally.

When you face charges for any criminal offense, it is important that you immediately contact a professional criminal defense attorney.

Gary Churak of the Law Offices of Gary Churak, P.C. has more than 30 years of legal experience in defending San Antonio-area residents in criminal proceedings.

His hard-nosed litigation style gives you a much greater chance of success in your case, and his hands-on approach to dealing with clients keeps you informed about your progress every step of the way.

If you’re accused of committing a crime in San Antonio, Mr. Churak can help.

Legal assistance in a wide range of criminal cases

San Antonio criminal attorney Gary Churak represents clients in wide range of criminal cases:


Obtain DUI defense in San Antonio from Attorney Churak in an effort to get the best possible outcome of your DWI case. Attorney Churak can also fight against your license suspension or obtain an occupational license so you can continue to drive.

Drug Crimes

When charged with drug possession, manufacturing or distribution, work with a San Antonio drug possession attorney in an effort to get your case dismissed or minimize the penalties.

Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence, also called Family violence is a serious matter and if you are charged with that offense you need experienced legal representation to protect your rights. San Antonio attorney, Gary F. Churak has represented individuals charge with Domestic or Family violence for over 30 years.

Juvenile Crimes

If your child faces charges for a juvenile crime, Mr. Churak is here to provide representation for your child in juvenile court.

Sex Crimes

As your San Antonio sexual assault lawyer, Mr. Churak defends you from rape allegations, sexual assault charges and Internet sex crimes involving both adults and children.

Violent Crimes

Mr. Churak is there to represent you if you are charged with a violent crime, including murder, assault or domestic violence.

Theft Crimes Defense

Mr. Churak represents people charged with theft, burglary, robbery, embezzlement and related offenses.

Expunctions & Non-Disclosures

If you are eligible our firm can assist you with your expunction case, in order to help make it easier to pass criminal background checks for employment, student loans or military service.

Criminal Appeals

If you believe certain factors unfairly affected the outcome of your trial, Mr. Churak guides you through the appeals process.

Mr. Churak treats all criminal cases with the seriousness and dedication they deserve. In some cases, he works toward the following goals:

Invalidated Procedures

When law enforcement officials make arrests, they must follow strict procedures for evidence to be valid.

Defense Attorney Churak demonstrates that there were illegal searches or invalid warrants to disqualify improperly collected evidence.


Mr. Churak works diligently to collect evidence on your behalf in an effort to secure a not guilty verdict or dismissal and clear your name.

When a case dismissal is not possible, Mr. Churak argues your case in an effort to ensure you receive the lightest possible penalties.

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For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call the Law Offices of Gary Churak, P.C. at (210) 545-3850 or contact the firm online.

We take phone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and direct calls to Mr. Churak on evenings and weekends.
A proactive lawyer experienced in San Antonio DUI, DWI and license suspensions

Attorney Gary Churak: A Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyer In San Antonio

Gary Churak founded his legal practice upon the principle of providing excellent legal service to criminal clients at affordable rates.  He believes that every criminal defendant deserves full protection of their rights under the law, and demands that his clients are treated accordingly.  

Dedicated to achieving client objectives, Gary is here to fight for the great people of central and south Texas.

Why Do I Practice As A Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Antonio?

I focus on criminal defense for several reasons.  First, many people arrested for crimes have no previous experience with the law.  They need two things:  they need to be educated, and they need a strong advocate.  They come from all walks of life, all ages, all professions, and are both male and female.  

The most important thing they need from me is an assurance that everything will be OK.  I give this to them by providing the information they need to fully understand their legal situation and options.  Then, my client is armed with the knowledge necessary for them to make informed decisions.

What Makes Me Uniquely Qualified To Defend You?

As a sole practitioner, Gary Churak handles every case himself, so each client has full advantage of Mr. Churak’s  dedication and determination to achieve a positive case result.

  • Years of Experience in the Courts of Central and South Texas
  • A Solo Practitioner Throughout Legal Career
  • Licensed in all Texas state courts, as well as the federal court in the western district of Texas and the federal 5th circuit court of appeals.
  • 100% Involved in Your Case (no junior associates or paralegals)
  • Proven Results

How Will You Be Treated by Me? When you hire me, you get me.  Not an inexperienced associate or partner you have never met.  I appear with you at every court date from beginning to end. I will keep you informed of everything that is happening in your case, every step of the way.  

I will advise you as to how I believe the court is likely to resolve the issues in your case, and I will proceed as you tell me. I will defend you and fight for the very best possible outcome in your case based on the facts and circumstances specific to your situation.

Contact San Antonio lawyer Gary Churak today to discuss your needs

Don’t hesitate to obtain the high-quality legal advocacy you deserve — call Gary Churak today at (210) 545-3850 or contact him online to schedule a free consultation.  

All evening and weekend calls transfer directly to Mr. Churak’s personal phone so that he can serve you at all hours of the day.

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