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Why Is Hiring An Attorney Crucial For A DWI Case?

San Antonio DWI Arrest Case Attorney

Within the first forty days after you’ve been pulled over for DWI and placed under arrest, you’re at risk for a driver’s license suspension. An attorney can represent you in the ALR hearing to help you keep your license; he can further help you obtain an occupational license to drive legally.

Additionally, many questions exist with regards to your guilt or your innocence. This case is not just about fines. Rather, it’s about representing the individual who’s charged with a crime.

Will the Court Think of Me as Arrogant for Hiring an Attorney to Represent Me in a DWI Case?


Most courts prefer that the defendant have an attorney. In fact, it is a requirement that you either waive your right to counsel in open court or you have an attorney.

Therefore, it’s very important that you retain counsel to represent you.

What are Some Qualifications in an Attorney I Should Look For?

You need to look at the experience of the attorney, how long the attorney has been practicing, and how many DWI’s he has handled.

What’s this attorney’s record? What can he do for you? What are the options that he can present to you?

How Can an Attorney Afford to do Low-Cost DWI Cases? Is it Worth Hiring a Low-Cost Attorney?

Low-cost mill attorneys have a great volume of cases. Because of this, they do not create quality representation.

Their game plan is to get a little bit of money from you and head immediately to court to plead you guilty.

Would You Say it’s Important to Shop Around as a General Rule of Thumb?

Picking out an attorney is much like buying an automobile. You can get a Chevy, a Ford, or a Toyota. Different attorneys have different qualifications and different skills.

How Does an Attorney Use His Time for a DWI Case?

Time is part of the payment equation. However, you’re further paying for the attorney’s skills, knowledge, and experience. An attorney, like myself, who has been practicing for 33 years knows a great deal more than someone who has been practicing for only one year.

Note that it may take a less-experienced attorney a lot more time to figure something out than me. This is due to my experience.

Would You Agree that Hiring an Attorney for My DWI Case is a Matter of Quality?

It’s incredibly important to have a qualified attorney to represent you.

Can An Attorney Guarantee a Victory in a DWI Case?

Any attorney who makes a victory guarantee is questionable. In this situation, I would ask the attorney to put the guarantee in writing and to agree to a full refund if, in fact, this victory does not happen.

I Have Some Friends Who Have Gone Through this DWI Dilemma Before. They Were Successful. If I Did the Same Things, Would I Achieve the Same Result?

The result of your case depends on the facts of the case. It depends on what the DEAC alcohol content tests reveals. It depends on who the judge is, who the prosecutors are, and which county you’re in.

Many factors are involved that create the final determination of the DWI case.

What Are Some Things To Ask an Attorney? What Should an Attorney be Upfront With Me About With Regards to My DWI Case?

You should ask an attorney about his experience handling DWI cases.

For example: is he familiar with handling particular types of BAC breath content tests, like blood and breath tests? Does he have available experts to challenge a blood and breath test? Has he tried DWI cases? Has he been successful?

These are factors you must talk to an attorney about.

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