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When Should Someone Try To Get Their Car Out Of The Impound In San Antonio?

San Antonio DWI Impound Attorney

A person’s car will probably be towed away if they are arrested for a DWI. The car would usually be taken to the city impound lot, and it will cost money to get their car back. I recommend that they get there as soon as they are released from jail, so they could get their car back at the cheapest cost possible, because they will be charged for each day of storage.

Should Someone Explore Options For Transportation And Make Any Necessary Preparations To Be Legally Able To Drive?

The person should ask their attorney to get them an occupational driver’s license, which allows them to drive back and forth to work or to perform household duties during the ALR suspension.

Should Someone Be Mindful Of The DMV Hearing, Aware Of The Dates And Secure All Documents That Are Given?

Someone who is arrested for a DWI in Texas would have an ALR hearing, also called an Administrative Law Review, which would be concerning the status of their license. In Texas, a person would be looking at a 180-day license suspension if they were stopped for suspicion of DWI and refused the breath test; however if they took the breath test and failed they would be looking at a 90-day license suspension. The suspension would commence 40 days from the date of the arrest, although the person would be required to give the DPS notice within 15 days if they desired an ALR hearing.

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