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What to Avoid If You Have Been Arrested for DWI

San Antonio DWI Charges Lawyer

Interviewer: What mistakes do you see people make that can harm their case? What unintentional errors do people commit after they’ve been arrested?

Incriminating Statements: Avoid Saying Too Much to the Arresting Officer; You Have the Right to Remain Silent

Gary: The foremost is talking too much. In an effort to clear themselves, many people begin carrying on conversations with the officers, saying they haven’t had anything to drink and the next thing you know the officer starts questioning them and then they admit they have had three or four drinks, as well as where they’ve been.

If the Officer Has Evidence You Are Intoxicated, You Will Be Arrested, No Matter What You Say

The officer may ask, “Do you have anything in the car I need to know about?” Because they are nervous, people talk too much. Once an officer pulls you over for suspicion of DWI, if he smells alcohol on you or on your breath, you’re going to jail regardless what you do, what you say or how you handle the testing.

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