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What Is Restricted by the Order of Protection?

San Antonio Protection Order Attorney

Interviewer: With the protective order, even the temporary one, are you not allowed to go back to your house?

Attorney Churak: Yes, you’re not allowed to have contact with the person. You’re not allowed to be on the premises. You’re not allowed to go to the school and participate in your children’s events.

You Can Be Prohibited from Owning a Firearm under a Protective Order

There are serious restrictions that you must comply with and it can come back to haunt you because they’re good for two years. Plus there are some other ramifications with protective orders also. A protective order affects your ability to own a gun and purchase ammunition. There are numerous restrictions under the federal laws if there’s a protective order on you.

If an individual under a protective order has firearms in the house they are in violation of federal law and are looking at some serious problems.

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