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What If Your Driver’s License Is Suspended In San Antonio?

The Texas Department of Public Safety has taken an aggressive approach to enforce violations that can cause your driver’s license to be suspended.

From getting arrested for DWI to failing to appear in court on a traffic ticket Texas DPS is suspending driver’s license by the thousands.

To make matters worse often you do not know that your license is suspended and if you are pulled over you can be arrested for driving with a suspended license, a class B misdemeanor with potential jail time up to 180 days. Further, even if they choose not to arrest you for a DWLS the police can issue you a ticket for an invalid license. If you are convicted for driving with an invalid license your license could be suspended for an additional one year period. Do not let this happen to you. Contact the Law Offices of Gary F. Churak P.C. and let our 31 years of experience in handling driver’s license suspensions work for you.

Texas Attorney, Gary F. Churak handles driver license suspension cases throughout the State and can assist you in keeping your license.

If your license is suspended, we can obtain for you an Occupational or Hardship license to allow you to legally drive during your suspension period. An Occupational License can be good for up to a two year period and can be obtained within 24 hours after contacting our office.

Contact the Law Offices of Gary Churak today to legally drive without the fear of going to jail.

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