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What Are Some Misconceptions About Blood Draw Cases?

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Among the myths and misconceptions people have about blood draws is that they use alcohol to preserve the blood that alcohol evaporates out of the blood, that blood creates a smell of alcohol and many others. A blood draw must be done in a very specific way, because the evidence needs to be preserved and tagged in evidence because there is possibility that a court will kick out the blood test if such procedures are not followed.

Can A Blood Draw Be Evaluated During A Case That Was Based On A Blood Draw Result?

The person can always have the court get an order for discovery and a blood draw and they can get a copy, or sometimes, even a sample of the blood. They are often kept with either the lab or DPS. It can be somewhat difficult to get the sample itself to the defense attorneys for analysis, but it is possible.

Do Blood Draw Cases Take Longer Since They Are More Complicated?

They do take longer because they have to wait for the lab results to come back.

Can A Blood Draw Show Things That Look Like Alcohol But In Reality Are Not?

No, the blood test shows ETH, which is ethyl alcohol and there is nothing that can be confused with alcohol.

How Do Blood Draws Weigh In Court Against Breathalyzers And Standardized Field Sobriety Tests?

They are the same thing, because they are both scientific tests that would determine the blood alcohol content in the person’s body.

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