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Should Someone Take This Very Seriously Even If It Was Their First DWI In San Antonio?

San Antonio First Time DWI Attorney

DWIs are serious and they do not go away overnight.

Should Someone Maintain Regular Contact With Their Attorney After Being Arrested?

The attorney would be there to help the person, so it’s important to communicate with him on a regular basis. Then they will be sure to know what is going on with the case if there are any new developments.

Should Someone Attend Any Functions, Information Sessions And / Or Classes Recommended By The Attorney?

It would be recommended for someone who was charged with numerous DWIs to seek help through AA or another organization for their alcohol problems.

Should Someone Start Noting Important Dates Like Arraignments And Court Hearings So They Can Ask For The Day Off From Work?

The person would usually have court on a work day, so it would be important for them to arrange their work schedule to accommodate court dates. They will have been advised of the court date well in advance.

Should Someone Refrain From Any Discussion On Social Media Sites Like Facebook Or Twitter?

I would not recommend going on any social media sites to discuss the case. Making posts about the case would make the information available not only to the person’s friends and family on Facebook and Twitter, but also to the prosecuting authorities.

Should Someone Refrain From Alcohol Or Drug Related Activity That Might Get Them Arrested Again?

The person should remember that if they were caught once for a DWI, chances are they could possibly be caught again. For this reason it would not be a good idea to drink and drive while they had a DWI case pending or, for that matter, if they had a prior DWI.

Should Someone Consult Their Support System To Keep A Positive Outlook?

Getting arrested for a DWI is not the end of the world. A person should get treatment if they feel they have a problem with alcohol or drugs, but if someone just had a few drinks that night and was unlucky enough to get caught, then they should just move on with their life.

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