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What exactly does it mean to have a Motion to Revoke Probation (MTR) or a Motion to Adjudicate (MTA) filed against you. It means that you have failed to comply with the terms of your probation.  Some of the most common probation violations include, getting arrested for a new offense, failing to perform your community service hours, failing to pay your fines and court costs, or failing to attend your court ordered classes or programs like AA and Anger Management. These are not all the reasons that the court can revoke your probation but are usually the main ones. It also means that unless you hire an attorney as soon as you find out about your violations you will be arrested and held without bond until your court date.  At the Law Offices of Gary F. Churak we will take all steps necessary to have a bond set for you and if possible be processed at the Courthouse Satellite Office avoiding a trip to Jail.

What can happen to you at a hearing on a Motion to Revoke Probation? The District Attorney and Probation Department are trying to have your probation revoked and send you to prison or county jail.

If you are on felony probation you are looking at potential time in the Texas Department of Corrections. If you are on misdemeanor probation you are looking at the county jail. Neither one is a good option.

Attorney Gary F. Churak personally handles all MTR cases and will provide experienced and quality legal representation to you in an effort to have your MTR dismissed or have you continued on probation. Let us work for your freedom.

If you are on deferred adjudication probation and you are facing a Motion to Adjudicate, the District attorney and Probation Department are trying to have your deferred adjudication probation terminated and a finding of guilt entered against you. You will be convicted. You will not be able to have your case dismissed at the completion of your probation. You also are looking at going to prison or county jail. Criminal Defense attorney Gary F. Churak will personally handle your case and use his 30+ years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer handling probation cases to represent you to avoid a conviction and prison or jail time.

He will represent you in probation cases in South Central Texas as he has represented clients in probation and criminal cases throughout the State of Texas and in the counties of Comal, Guadalupe, Hays, Kendall, Kerr, Karnes, Wilson, Medina, Uvalde, Frio, Travis, Kimble, Atascosa and Bexar Counties.

If you are facing a Motion to Revoke Probation (MTR) or a Motion to Adjudicate (MTA) in in any of these counties, contact us at (210) 545-3850 and let our experience and knowledge of Probation laws work for you.