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How Much Is The Cost Of An Attorney Versus The Total Cost Of My DWI Charge?

San Antonio DWI Arrest Case Lawyer

Signs all over state that a DWI can cost you something steep, like $25,000.

However, the attorney’s fees are related to the ability and the experience of the attorney. If you hire a good-quality attorney, an experienced attorney who gets the case dismissed, you’ve earned a great deal. You’ve saved a good deal of money. The attorney has come through for you.

If you hire an attorney who is able to get the DWI knocked down to obstruction of highway or reckless driving, you have another great deal. Alternately, he might be able to get a pretrial diversion in some counties.

You must look at the overall effect upon you. A DWI conviction, although not a case of expenses, forces you into a world of surcharges.

For example, you’ll see increased insurance premiums. You’ll see a potential interlock installation to your vehicle for a period of time.

It’s important to hire an attorney who is experienced at handling DWI law. The possibility of beating the charge does exist.

When Hiring a Lawyer, Should I Go with the Low-Price Lawyer? Are there Any Other Questions I Should Ask Him at this Point?

You should hire the attorney you feel the most comfortable with, the one you trust the most.

If I Have a Family Friend or Family Attorney Who Will Give Me a Good Rate, What Should I Ask Him?

Ask him: Is he experienced handling the DWI’s? Has he handled a DWI before? Does he know what he is doing?

Note that you cannot go to an attorney who handles wills to represent your DWI case.

What Will a Good Attorney Ask Me During My Initial Consultation with Him?

A good attorney will ask you the following: do you have any questions? What can I help you with?

A good attorney should explain the procedure to you. He should explain the consequences, the trial process, and how the system will work.

How Would You Gauge Importance of Website Testimonials?

Testimonials simply show the satisfaction of the customers. Therefore, you can consider this satisfaction. However, choosing an attorney is very personal. Thus, meeting with the attorney should give you all the information you require to make your choice.

If I Hire an Expensive Attorney, Will This Help Me Win A DWI Case?

Not necessarily. This just means you hired an attorney who charges a lot of money.

What is the Biggest Mistake People Make When Hiring a DWI Attorney?

The biggest mistake people make is hiring an attorney they don’t trust.

Is it Always Good to Hire an Aggressive Attorney?

It’s hard to say. Each case is different.

Every case presents different facts. Some cases do require attorneys to take their gloves off; some cases require full frontal attack.

The aggression level just depends on the case, the facts are, who you’re dealing with, who the judge is, and who the prosecutor is. Each case must be evaluated individually.

Should an Attorney Be Versatile, Depending on the Situation?

An attorney should know the courthouse, the courthouse personnel, the judges, the prosecutors, and how to approach each of them with the case.

Are Attorneys Who Focus Solely on DWI Cases Better than Other Attorneys Who Handle DWI Cases?

Not necessarily!

This just means that the attorney chooses to practice DWI only. This could be a marketing ploy or simply the element of law that is the most comfortable for him.

Therefore, It doesn’t necessarily mean this attorney is any better than another criminal defense attorney who handles murders, assaults, and drug offenses on top of DWI cases.

A criminal attorney is a criminal attorney. Granted, the DWI has specialized issues with its blood testing and scientific knowledge. However, a good, confident criminal defense attorney can handle a DWI.

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