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Attorney Gary Churak Is an Experienced Trial Attorney

San Antonio DWI Trial Attorney

Interviewer: Why do your clients choose you versus every other attorney that’s out there in San Antonio?

Gary: I do a great deal of trial work. I have attained very good trial experience. I do a good job of picking a jury. I am able to relate with jurors and I am able to get my point across. I think those are the primary reasons I have been practicing all these years.

Attorney Churak Has Built an Excellent Reputation as a Trial Attorney and Has Fostered Good Working Relationships with the Prosecutors

My experience in trying cases has led to developing a relationship with the prosecutors and building a reputation. This reputation is important because I do find that the prosecutors offer more favorable plea bargains.

If the prosecutor knows you can try that case because he or she has offered an unfavorable plea bargain and you are going to do a good job and you have a chance at beating them, then they have to go back to their boss and say why they lost a case. It doesn’t look good for them, so sometimes they offer better deals because they know I’m a good trial lawyer.

Not Just a Case Number: When You Retain Attorney Churak, He Will Be the Sole Attorney Handling Your Case

Interviewer: When a client hire you, are they dealing only with you, or do you have other attorneys in the firm that handle the case?

Gary: I have a receptionist, secretary, but it’s basically, my clients deal with me. I meet them at court, I handle their cases, I talk to them on the phone when I’m here and I am the one to answer almost all of their questions about their case.

Should You Consider a Public Defender or Self-Representation to Defend Your DWI Charge?

Interviewer: When someone’s arrested, I’m sure there are a lot of times that they’re nervous about speaking to an attorney. Should they try to get a public defender or defend themselves? What are the pros and cons of those options?

Gary: I would never recommend defending yourself on anything. If you can’t afford an attorney, they usually appoint one for you. In Bear County we have a unique system where I believe they appoint an attorney for everybody whether you can afford it or not. You will be asked if you want to hire an attorney or do you want one appointed.

Many times people do opt for the court-appointed attorneys. In most cases, you are represented by a young attorney. They generally have a few years of experience and are paid 100 dollars to handle a DWI case, so can imagine what the results are going to be.

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