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Are Most People Aware of the Consequences of a DWI In San Antonio?

San Antonio DWI Conviction Defense Attorney

Interviewer: Do you find your clients are pretty aware of the consequences and what’s going to happen or do the consequences surprise them?

Gary: You know, it’s been publicized so much out here in billboards, and newspaper ads and TV ads, that most people are aware of what could happen to them. What most people are not aware of is the cost.  You know, DWI costs you $20,000 if you’re arrested.

In Texas, You Can Face a Mandatory Minimum Jail Sentence for a DWI Conviction

So, I think people have a general clue that if they’re convicted, they have good cause to worry about going to jail because there’s a minimum jail sentence that DWIs carry. That really doesn’t mean they always go to jail, that just means that that’s the minimum sentence they can have for a particular sentence that’s probated.

Attorney Churak Has Handled Cases for Clients with Extremely High Breath Tests Results

Interviewer: Among your DWI clients, where most of them over the legal limit or were they close to the limit but not actually “drunk”? What kind of circumstances do they have?

Gary: Realistically, most of the cases I’ve had lately have been DWI with enhanced intoxication. I’ve seen very few close calls on DWIs where my clients tested at .08 or something that’s relatively close.

I have also had cases where my clients tested very far over the limit. Their test results were 2.3s, 2.4s those kinds of numbers. So, lately, I have seen quite a few people with really high breath test results.

The Majority of DWI Offenders Are First-Time Offenders

Interviewer: What about first-time offenders versus repeat offenders, what’s the mix there?

Gary: I’d say 75% first-time offenders and then 25% repeat and/or felony type situations. Most of the clients I see are first time offenders.

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