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An Anger Management Class May Be a Condition of Probation

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Interviewer: If someone is convicted of domestic violence is there anger management classes they can take?

The Required Classes and Counseling Are Paid for by the Defendant and Are Costly Over Time

Attorney Churak: Yes, and that’s a requirement. Most usually, they make them go to anger management classes when they are put on probation. It basically costs thousands of dollars to be put on probation for family violence, because if you go to anger management classes for a year or two years, and counseling, these services are not inexpensive.

If you’re convicted of family violence, it’s just like DWI. You should be prepared to open up your wallet because you’re going to be paying some money.

Being Proactive: Should You Voluntarily Take an Anger Management Class before a Trial?

Interviewer: Do you suggest that clients voluntarily take these classes? Would that help them look better in front of a judge?

Attorney Churak: I have advised that in situations where we have gotten couples into counseling and in anger management classes, and then gone back to the District Attorney and said this isn’t a case that really needs to be prosecuted. This is a family dispute.

My clients have gone through counseling. They both are amenable to making this marriage work. Let’s just drop the case or dismiss the case, or let’s lower it to a Class C deferred and dismiss it when he completes the course so we can get it expunged. There are numerous ways we can try to get this issue reduced in severity.

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