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A Reputable San Antonio Expunction Defense Lawyer Assists with Sealing of Criminal Records

Clearing your name and sealing your record

Criminal charges stay on your record for years after your offense, even if you were found not guilty. To clear your name, work with Attorney Gary Churak of the Law Offices of Gary Churak, P.C. He assists people with criminal charges or juvenile delinquency on their records to give them a better future. With more than three decades of legal experience, Attorney Churak is fluent in this process, so work with him to restore your reputation and avoid the embarrassment that comes with having a criminal past.

You must meet certain eligibility standards to benefit from an expunction

Expunging your record simply means that you clear it of any past charges against you. These could be for criminal offenses or acts of juvenile delinquency. While you might not have a guilty verdict on your record, any criminal charges against you at all can paint you in a negative light in background checks for jobs, volunteer positions or military service. You never want your potential employers to have a bad first impression of you, especially one that gives them a completely false picture of who you are as a person.

Therefore, it’s extremely beneficial for you to file for an expunction. Do this with the help of a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer if you meet the following standards of eligibility:

  • The charges you received resulted in a not guilty verdict in your trial.
  • Your arrest never led to a court filing or your case was dismissed from court.
  • You committed an underage drinking offense and are now at least 21 years old.
  • You committed a crime as a child, went to juvenile court and fulfilled the time obligations necessary before petitioning for an expunction.

Expungement of juvenile records is not quite as simple as one might expect. The courts do not automatically clear your record after a certain amount of time or after you turn 18. You must fulfill certain requirements and then petition the court for expungement, just as people with criminal charges on their record must do.

Call for assistance from a San Antonio Non-Disclosure Attorney for sealing juvenile criminal records

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