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A Competitive San Antonio Internet Sex Crimes Attorney Defends You from Online Solicitation Charges

A sexting defense attorney who provides professional, full-service representation to each client

The courts consider most Internet sex crimes to be felonies. If charged, you could face imprisonment, lifetime registration as a sex offender, loss of parental rights and many other harsh consequences. If you’re seeking a defense for the online solicitation of a child in San Antonio, speak with Attorney Gary Churak of the Law Offices of Gary Churak, P.C. for competitive and assertive defense. He has more than 30 years of legal experience and an in-depth knowledge of Internet sex crimes law. He listens to your side of the story and then forms a defense strategy to fight on your behalf in court.

Tenacious defense for a wide range of online sex crimes

There are many different types of Internet sex crimes, and defense for these types of cases often hinges on complicated technical details. Therefore, it is important to seek assistance from a San Antonio sex defense attorney when facing charges for Internet sex crimes such as:

  • Solicitation. Solicitation charges could be for enticing a minor or seeking prostitution services. However, many of the tactics used to capture suspects in online solicitation cases are both unethical and illegal. Mr. Churak proves that law enforcement officers used entrapment to bring charges against you or that they infringed upon your privacy or rights, rendering any evidence against you invalid for use in court.
  • Child pornography. Child pornography is a serious offense, with guilty parties subject to prison, sex offender registration and a permanently damaged reputation. Mr. Churak seeks to prove that any evidence collected against you was done so illegally or that child pornography on your computer was mistakenly accessed or downloaded.
  • Sexting or instant messaging crimes. “Sexting” is a relatively new type of sex crime, referring to sexual conversations or photos sent via text message on a cell phone. When a person sends photos with or without consent or to a minor, even if the sender is also a minor, he or she could face sexual assault or enticement charges. Attorney Churak uses a variety of defense methods to minimize or dismiss any penalties you face as a result of sexting.

Contact a sexual assault attorney in San Antonio for further information about your defense options for Internet sex crime charges.

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