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Proactive San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney helping clients arrested or accused of DUI, DWI, drug possession, theft and sex crimes.

Looking for a Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Antonio, TX?

Founded in 1982, the Law Offices of Gary Churak, P.C. features the criminal defense services of Attorney Gary Churak, a dedicated litigator with a reputation for success.

Mr. Churak represents those accused of or charged with a criminal offense.

His criminal defense expertise is well know in the San Antonio, TX area.

He has a proven track record in successfully defending charges ranging from juvenile offenses to violent crimes, providing consistent quality at affordable rates.

His more than 30 years of legal experience make him a valuable resource for any questions you have throughout the legal process.

Criminal Defense Working Towards Positive Results for our Clients

When you face criminal charges, it’s important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

There are numerous factors that lead people to choose Mr. Churak as their criminal defense attorney.

He is a well respected litigator for sex crimes, drug defense, DUI, domestic violence, felony or misdemeanor charges, and/or other criminal charges.

If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer near you than Gary Churak is the one you should contact.

He offers free initial criminal defense consultations where he will discuss your defense options.

Mr. Churak has decades of experience as a criminal defense law firm in San Antonio. Criminal law is what he does — he knows it inside and out and understands the tactics that provide the best chance of success in every scenario.

He also knows when to work with the district attorney, and when to fight back.

"Gary Churak, criminal defense lawyer,handles each criminal case for every one of his clients"

As a sole practitioner, Mr. Churak handles every case himself. You can rest easy knowing that you always have complete access to a lawyer.

Experienced in Texas Criminal Defense Law

Gary Churak takes a full criminal case history before doing anything so that he can analyze the details of your case.

He also examines prior records to determine your best options moving forward.

Our Criminal Defense Law Firm is Located in San Antonio, Texas

Most other firms are located downtown, but Mr. Churak’s San Antonio criminal defense law firm is much more convenient for local residents.

He makes it easy to consult with an effective attorney when facing the criminal justice system.

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Frequently Asked Criminal Defense Questions and Answers

Gary Churak's Answer

The Blood test will probably read that you have THC in your system. Marijuana, which the basic formula for the drug is THC, stays in your system about 30 days. So, the chances are that it would show up in your system. Now, the question is if you smoke three days ago, why were they pulling you over for DWI at that time? There may be an issue as to probable cause for the arrest down the road the fact that you had such a small amount in your system at the time that you were driving.

Gary Churak's Answer

Under Texas Law a deferred disposition of a Class C misdemeanor, your six months stay out of trouble probation, qualifies you for an Expunction. An Expunction is a civil lawsuit filed with the District Clerk in the County where the offense occurred seeking a sealing of the criminal case. All law enforcement agencies and courts who have information regarding your case are served with notice of the Petition. It may take up tom six months to get your Order of Expunction depending on the County. Once the Order is signed by the Judge all the law enforcement agencies and courts that have information on your case are Ordered to remove that information from there records. This could take up to a year or more. Lawyers charged differently for their services. Contact some attorneys in your local area and discuss what they can do for you and what it will cost. Go with the attorney that you feel most comfortable with. Check the internet for local attorneys. Good Luck.

Gary Churak's Answer

Anytime you’re arrested, your job can find out about it. It just depends on the situation. Usually, it takes some time for criminal background checks to pick up any information on arrest. It could be as little as a week, it could be months. I had a recent situation where a client of mine lost his job because his arrest was posted on some website and his boss saw it. So, you never know. There is no guarantee that your boss isn’t going to find out that you’ve been arrested.

Gary Churak's Answer

In order to be charged with driving while intoxicated; the drugs have to be in your system. If they’re in your vehicle and you get pulled over, you could be charged with possession but then, you know, it’s a defense that the drugs do not belong to you and they may belong to a friend who had a prescription form. So, at this point, you know, if you’re looking at a possession charge, it’s a good idea to go hire yourself a drug lawyer and start getting the evidence together that shows that it was not your drugs but someone else’s who had a valid prescription form.
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